Elvaan Horizontal Directional Drills for Sale

Horizontal Directional Drills For Sale

Since its inception, horizontal directional drilling has advanced by leaps and bounds. Innovation continues at an unprecedented pace, inspired partly by input from engineers and operators in the field. Trenchless equipment and technology can now be used in the tightest urban settings, and records are constantly being set for the longest bore on record. Larger and more powerful drilling rigs are being rolled out regularly as more precise tools and software-optimized locators and guidance systems. Even the cabs of drilling rigs have become more comfortable and functional, tailored to the needs of operators. Advances like dashboard backup cameras have also improved worksite safety, reducing equipment damage and productivity loss.

Elvaan Equipment Solutions is proud to be part of this growing industry. For over three decades, we have supplied Canadian companies and contractors with top-tier horizontal directional drilling equipment, including drilling rigs, drill tools, drill rods, locators, vacuum excavators, mud mixers, and drilling fluids. For all your trenchless installation needs, count on Elvaan Equipment Solutions to provide the finest, most innovative horizontal directional drilling equipment available on the Canadian market.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs

Our HDD rigs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s drilling applications, from urban installations with multiple underground utilities to large rural projects under rivers and highways. Built to withstand the most challenging conditions, our machines are equipped to handle Canada’s harshest weather and roughest terrain.

Horizontal Directional Drilling in Urban Settings

Cities bury most of their utility infrastructure, and installing new utilities runs the danger of interfering with existing pipes and cables. You need a rig with a small footprint, tight turning radius, and precision controls for these applications.

Our most compact machine can fit through openings as narrow as 1.25m, making it ideal for cramped conditions filled with obstacles. Its rubber crawlers provide stability while minimizing the impact on surfaces. Its small size and reduced noise level mean you can operate it with minimal disturbance to pedestrians and nearby offices.

To ensure your urban drilling operation doesn’t damage nearby infrastructure, our horizontal directional drilling rigs come equipped with advanced locating and tracking systems that provide real-time data on the drill head’s location and direction. Where precision and accuracy are paramount, Elvaan Equipment Solutions has you covered.

Large Scale Horizontal Directional Drilling in Open Areas

Large-scale projects in open areas call for bigger, more powerful machines that can drill across long distances and maneuver over rough terrain. These operations must strive to minimize their impact on the environment, geological features, and wildlife; the latest innovations in equipment are geared toward that.

Speed and efficiency reduce the time to complete an installation, lessening negative impacts. For that reason, our larger drilling rigs have features such as increased visibility, which allows operators to see what is happening at critical locations on the dig, advanced on-board technology so the operator has a better understanding of what’s happening under the ground, and ease of serviceability, which minimizes downtime.

Additional Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications

Many HDD projects fall somewhere in between tight urban settings and expansive open areas. We have rigs that can meet the demands of any project and all conditions. Whether you are installing power lines under an airport, an irrigation system for a golf course, telecommunication cabling in a residential neighbourhood, or conduits under a solar farm, we have equipment that will make the work efficient and accurate, with minimal downtime and superior operator comfort.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Implements and Accessories

Along with a wide range of rigs, we also carry the top-quality tools and rods you will need for your specific project. Come to Elvaan Equipment Solutions for bits and blades, reamers, swivels, breakout jaws, pullers, drive chucks, and rods for all applications. We also carry a range of locators and fluid management systems, and vacuum extractors. For optimal performance, durability, and reliability, depend on us to equip you for every operation.

Education and Training

Updates and improvements are non-stop in the trenchless industry. That is why we provide two days of product demonstration and two days of on-site training for every drill we sell. Your operators won’t be left in the dark when it comes to using their new machine confidently and getting the most out of it while maintaining a high standard of safety.

Refurbished and Rental HDD Equipment

Our certified refurbished drilling rigs are dependable and durable for any job in the Canadian climate, soil conditions, and drilling challenges. Backed by up to 24 months of dealer warranty, you won’t have to worry that your equipment will delay your project or lead to losses.

Need equipment for a limited time? Our rental inventory comprises top-grade rigs that can be reserved on short notice. If you’re contemplating buying a specific model, renting one is a great way to test its suitability for the type of work you will be doing. Contact us for details on the machines we have available for rent.

Service and Maintenance of Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

Elvaan Equipment Solutions provides in-house servicing for regular upkeep as well as complex repairs. We stock OEM parts to ensure your equipment functions as it did when it left the factory. We strive to limit your downtime by having service teams ready to come to your worksite for in-field repairs seven days a week. Rely on us to keep you on schedule and on budget.



The popularity of trenchless digging projects will continue to grow. Prepare for it by making sure you have the equipment on hand to tackle them and the trained operators to get started in record time. Elvaan Equipment Solutions is your partner in drilling success. Our dedication to training and service has earned us an unparalleled reputation for quality, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Explore our website to discover all that we have to offer. If you have questions or want to come in for a product demo, contact us via our online form, by email at info@elvaan.com, or by calling us at 905-577-1961. We are excited to partner with you on your next horizontal directional drilling project!