Excavators for Sale in Ontario

Elvaan Equipment Solutions is the premier Ontario destination for all your excavator needs. We have new and rebuilt excavators for sale, with a wide range of types, models, and excavator attachments to meet the needs of your business. With our extensive inventory, exceptional service, and comprehensive training, we are your one-stop solution for all things excavation.

We offer a large variety of excavators, including on-site inventory and a full complement of machines available to order. If you are looking for an excavator for sale in Ontario or the GTA, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Elvaan Equipment Solutions.

Excavators for Sale

We offer a large variety of excavators, including on-site inventory and a full complement of machines available to order. If you are looking for an excavator for sale in Ontario or the GTA, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Elvaan Equipment Solutions.

Crawler Excavators

Equipped with tracks in place of wheels, our crawler excavators offer exceptional stability and traction over uneven or rugged terrains. Crawler excavators are a popular choice for the heavy demands of construction and mining projects. With engines rated from 100.6 hp to 528.6 hp and a dig depth of up to 27.5’, the right size machine for your job is at Elvaan Equipment Solutions.

Wheel Excavators

Equipped with wheels rather than tracks, wheel excavators provide excellent mobility on smooth surfaces. Faster than crawler excavators, they are suitable for urban construction projects, jobs that require frequent relocation, and road maintenance and utility work.

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are small and highly maneuverable. They are designed for working in confined spaces, making them perfect for residential construction, landscaping, and utility work in urban areas. Despite their compact size, mini excavators offer excellent digging capabilities and can be equipped with attachments to extend their versatility. We offer mini excavators ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 21,000 lbs., with engines rated from 24.7 hp to 65 hp.

Vacuum Excavators

Using a combination of high-pressure water jets and suction, these machines are used to excavate soil and debris in areas with sensitive infrastructure, such as underground utilities, where accidental strikes can have severe consequences.

Log Loaders

Handle timber with performance, durability, and precision.

Material Handlers

Built specifically for scrap and solid waste handlers, recyclers, and other bulk material handlers.

Excavator Attachments

To extend the applications of the excavators we have for sale, we carry a comprehensive range of attachments for all your digging and material handling needs.


Available in a range of sizes, buckets can be used for digging, loading soil and rocks, and removing debris. With construction, landscaping, and mining applications, buckets are the most versatile of the excavator attachments we carry.

Angle Buckets

The tilting mechanism of angle buckets allows for more precise excavation while avoiding unwanted contact with nearby structures, objects, and utility lines. They are also useful for creating slopes, as the adjustable angle allows the operator to construct a specific slope or grade. The tilting capacity also facilitates material handling in tight spaces with minimal loss.

Ditch Cleaning Buckets

These attachments are designed to remove loose materials and create well-defined channels, making them ideal for cleaning and shaping ditches, canals, and small waterways for optimal water flow.

Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Hydraulic couplers provide a secure and efficient way to switch from one attachment to another. Because they allow the operator to do this without leaving the cab of the excavator, these attachments save time, improve efficiency, and contribute to workplace safety.


Grapples allow the excavator operator to grip and handle various materials, such as rocks and debris, holding objects securely during lifting and moving. In addition to general-use grapples, we also carry grapples that are specialized for handling timber and logs.


Thumbs enhance the excavator’s grasping ability by operating in much the same way as a human thumb. Where secure handling is essential, a thumb attachment offers a firm grip on loose objects such as rocks and construction materials.

New and Used Excavators for Sale

Whether you’re looking for brand-new excavators for sale in Ontario or certified rebuilt models, we have options to suit all needs and budgets. We work with the top global manufacturers to offer you unparalleled quality, reliability, and value. We guarantee that our expertly rebuilt excavators are up to the demanding work of Ontario construction and work sites and that you will not sacrifice safety or durability when investing in a used excavator.

Financing Options

Once you’ve decided to invest in one of the excavators we have for sale, money shouldn’t be an obstacle. We have partnered with a network of lenders to provide tailored financing solutions that fit your budget and timeline. We offer 100% financing to get you into the equipment you need, with the attachments that will save you time and effort while enhancing the safety of your crews in the field.

Equipment Rentals

We offer excavator rentals for all your short-term needs or for times when you need extra equipment on a temporary basis. We maintain a fleet of high-quality, reliable excavators that are available with little notice. You may even want to rent out a model you are considering purchasing to see if it meets the demands of your job site. Contact us to find out which machines we have available to rent from us.

Service and Support

Elvaan Equipment Solutions stands behind the excavators it sells by offering in-shop service. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, our experienced mechanics provide routine maintenance and as well as complex repairs to keep your equipment in optimal condition. We can also have teams available seven days a week to service your machines in the field or in emergencies. Minimize your downtime by depending on us for your servicing needs.

When You’re Searching for an Excavator for Sale in Ontario

Elvaan Equipment Solutions and Trenchless Utility Equipment have proudly served the Canadian market since 1992. Focusing on our commitment to providing outstanding sales and service, we have built an unmatched reputation for reliability, dependability, and value. We offer only the best construction, utility & heavy equipment from the top global manufacturers and carry OEM parts to ensure your equipment operates at its peak.

With clients in oil and gas, construction, landscaping, utilities, government, telecommunications, mining, and utilities maintenance, we have established a base of 8,300+ retail and strategic customers across Ontario. We are extremely proud of the business we have built in this province, and we strive to maintain our stellar reputation by providing outstanding customer care.

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