New Equipment

As pioneers in the field of new equipment services in the Canadian Utility Equipment Industry, Trenchless Utility Equipment takes care of all your new equipment needs across categories.

From Horizontal Directional Drills, Vacuum Excavatord, Mud Mixing Systems, Locating Systems, Trenchers & Ploughts to Concrete Equipment and more, Trecnhless Utililty Equipment offers the best in class products in the Canadian market with unmatched quality and reliability backed with our product expertise.

Trenchless Utility Equipment is the trusted dealership in Canada for for several leading global brands like Toro, Universal HDD, Terra Trenchless Technologies, Melfred Borzall, Husqvarna, etc. We have a wide selection of construction, horizontal directional drilling & concerte equipment products and specialized tools and attachments for projects in a variety of industries such as construction, utility, landscaping and infrastructure. With our extensive product line and first-class customer service, we aim to be your first choice when looking for new heavy equipment.