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Finding the perfect equipment to rent can sometimes be harder than buying new equipment, but at Trenchless Utility Equipment we ensure your experience of renting equipment for your on site needs will be seamless.

Rental on demand
More Options
Less Investment

Why you should rent with Trenchless Utility Equipment.

Expansive inventory

From short term rentals to parts and equipment for long term projects, the Trenchless Utility Equipment inventory can cater to all your requirements for renting machinery.

If you find yourself at a crossroad regarding which is the right part or equipment to get your job done, the expert team at Trenchless Utility Equipment will help you find just what you need.

Customisable plans

We also offer great weekly and monthly rental contracts and would be happy to customize rentals based on your jobsite.

Performance goes hand in hand wih flexibility



Wide inventory of heavy equipment to meet your needs!


Parts & attachments

Rent a worktool with your heavy equipment!

10+ Decades

Experienced technicians

Wide inventory of heavy equipment to meet your needs!



Our team is available and flexible for you!



Many locations to provide you with the service you deserve!

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Our head office is based in the central industrial hub of Mississauga, bordering Toronto. Trenchless Utility Equipment runs operations across the Canadian market.


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